AG Pro Silver Makeup Brush Cleaner

Due to the low lather formula you will not see many bubbles when cleaning your brushes. By reducing the lather, brushes are rinsed clean quickly and effectively with little to no soap bubble residue.

The life of your SILVER Soap will depend on how often you use it and the number of brushes you need to clean. In general, you should find that the SILVER Soap shows minimal wear even after many uses

Silver has naturally occurring anti bacterial properties and the nano particles of silver within our product will powerfully eliminate both germs and bacteria.

Absolutely! Some long-wear formulas of makeup may stain lighter coloured bristles however you can be rest assured your brush or applicator will be perfectly clean.

You should allow around 16-24 hours for your brushes to dry completely. The temperature of the room will affect the speed they dry. Remember you are washing your brushes with water so the bigger and fluffier the brush, the longer it will take to dry.

SILVER Soap is activated by water; so to remove waterproof makeup simply use a little oil on your brush first to breakdown the product. Try olive oil or an oil based makeup remover before washing with your SILVER Soap.