AG Pro Silver Makeup Brush Cleaner

AgPro Silver & MicraSil Ag+ Pack

Buy both of our amazing silver infused products together for just £30.

Ag PRO Silver Makeup Brush Cleaner

Powerful yet gentle ingredients dissolve and remove the toughest makeup formulas from brushes and applicators, restoring them to as new.  more info…

MicraSil Ag+ Hand Sanitiser 30ml

MicraSil Ag+ is an ‘active silver’ hand sanitiser that has been produced to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, yeast & moulds.

Regular hand sanitisers are classed as ‘contact killers’ which kill germs on contact with the skin. Once the alcohol has evaporated from the skin, its germ-killing capabilities have ended which can lead to the user becoming vulnerable when they unknowingly touch contaminated objects.  more info…